We established Chocolate Lake Co. in Amman/ Jordan by 2016 as a privately owned company.

And since the beginning we built our high quality chocolate products with the distinctive taste to serve our market and fulfill the manufacturers needs.

Then we added other divisions like fillings and all kinds of decorations and other items our products, With the continuous improvement and innovation we built more than 120 item in our product range.
Chocolate Lake now dominate the large share in the Arab and Gulf markets, both in food industry and wholesale field.


We aim to build partnership with our clients by working together as a team, the technical support . and logistic services that we provide to our clients is our strength.

Workshops, trainings ,market analysis ,consultation on and private labeling and tailor made products upon client's need is what make our services exceptional.
Nowadays market changing faster than ever, our R&D team works hand by hand with Sales team and Chefs to understand and predict market movement and to fulfill customers needs.
Today Chocolate Lake serve the Arab market with the biggest production capacity in the region. Restaurants and cafes lines, bakery lines, hotel lines and in general all food industries lines is the fields that our products target.


We provide premium products with reasonable price, Our vision is to serve and provide more, Our vision is to keep in innovation, Our vision is to help our clients providing the best to their customers, Our vision is to be a leaders in our field.